Installation of commercial warehouse structures

We have more then 50 big customers across the Russia.

The "ITSE" company performs the installation of commercial and warehouse equipment in Yekaterinburg and other cities.

Given the market demands, we are ready to cooperate with you on the most favorable terms. We used to delight our customers with the most time-sensitive installation work. We have established trading and storage devices having many large supermarkets, in particular more than 10 Lenta hypermarkets across Russia! Also you can choose and buy the necessary equipment and constructions that we will install.

Verniy (grocery store network)
Other work

"TAPE" uses the latest rack systems LA Fortezza, which are complex and have technologically advanced design, also capable of continuous operationing.
The timing of the Assembly of the hypermarket under the key does not exceed 14 days.

Replacement of shelving and installation of new in Hypermarkets METRO Cash&Carry as part of the refurbishment programme.

Compiling it the equipment trading network of supermarkets "Verniu" can be carried out in different cities at the same time.

We have the best price quotation for erection of retail and warehouse elements of any complexity.


        The retail grocery store chains


  • "Verniul" - Ekaterinburg, Komsomolskaya str., 51
    "Verniu" - Ekaterinburg, Pervomayskaya, 79
    "Verniu" - Ekaterinburg, Kirovograd,32
    "Verniu" - Ekaterinburg, 8 March 194
    "Monetka" - Ekaterinburg, 8 Martha, 149
    "Verniu" - Berezovsky, St. power engineers 9 to 2
    "Verniu" - Revda, St. World,134
    "Verniu" - Revda, street of K. Liebknecht, 30
    "Verniu" - Bogdanovich, Krylov str., 50
    "Verniu" - Nevyansk,str. Lenina, 23
    "Verniu" - Moscow, Chongarskiy Bulvar,19
    "Verniu" - Moscow, Lublin ul., 171
    "Verniu" - Moscow, Kolomna street., 9, p. 4
    "Verniu" - MO,, the Jubilee, Nesterenko str., 19
    "Verniu" - MO, Domodedovo, mkrn. White Columns, St. Lenin, p. 16A
    "Verniu" - MO, Zelenograd D. 1818
    "Verniu" - Vladimir region, Pokrov, str. Gerasimov 35
    "Pyaterochka" - Rostov-na-Donu, Sholokhova str., 128
    "Pyaterochka" - Rostov-on-don, PR-t Buddenovsky, 80
    "Monetka" - Tyumen, Energetikov str., 66



  • "Lenta" - Moscow, TC 124 7th street-Kowalska, VL 26, building 3

  • "Lenta" - Almetyevsk, TC 67 Lenin str., 132

  • "Lenta" - Ivanovo TC 112, Avenue of builders, d. 25

  • "Lenta" - Ivanovo ТК155, Karl Marx str., 3A

  • "Lenta" - ТК69 Chelyabinsk, Blucher str., 126

  • "METRO" - Sterlitamak, Lenina str., 2M

  • "Lenta" - G. N.Tagil, TC 206, Sverdlovsk highway, 31,

  • "Lenta" - Irkutsk, street Sergeeva ТК126, 3/5.

  • METRO - Ekaterinburg, remodeling is replacement of old equipment.

  • "Coin" - the RCC, Yekaterinburg - repair of racks.

  • "Lenta" - Ufa, of tk200, street Bakalinsky

  • "Lenta" - Ufa, ТК202, Parhomenko ,156

  • "Lenta" - Chelyabinsk, street Cherkasy ТК212, 23 – reconstruction.

  • "Lenta" - Chelyabinsk, Warehouse

  • "Lenta" - Volgograd, TC-136, street of Cosmonauts, 30 B

  • "Lenta" - Tobolsk, TC-135, 15 m-it, plot 21



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